Connection Point Communications is a ministry designed to help connect people with God’s purpose for their lives using Biblical teaching, personal testimony, Christian apologetics, and more, through all forms of media and communications, including books, magazines, podcasts, video, blog entries and more!

Whether you’re a seasoned disciple or an honest skeptic, CPC exists to help you think a little more deeply about the claims of Jesus Christ. Today, Christianity is under fire by a strident progressive secularism that denies objective truth in favor of moral relativism. In fact, in our hyper-sensitive, politically correct culture, the only thing that is taboo is to hold to objective moral truth — to posit an absolute right and wrong.

Our goal is to help the believer better communicate his faith through authentic witness and compelling, compassionate argument, while demonstrating to the non-believer the rationality, relevance, and reality of the gospel.

Stay tuned as more media will be added soon!



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